Bar Tartine is nestled in a charming terrace in the heart of the Achrafieh neighborhood of Mar Mikhael.

But there’s more to Bar Tartine than meets the eye. What differentiates this restaurant from others is the fact that it has an annexed bakery downstairs, Tartine Bakery, which produces fresh bread, pastries and desserts for both Bar Tartine and walk-in customers throughout the day.

Unlike other local hangouts, Bar Tartine has a personality and a flavor of its own. It serves a range of delicious dishes, including steaks, pizzas, salads, and sandwiches made with the different types of bread that come fresh out of the bakery. Whatever your order, you will always be delightfully pleased with the consistency of Bar Tartine’s quality, taste and freshness, and in the variety of all of its menu items and options.

Want to try and absolute must-have? Then bite into their mouth-watering Camembert burger, or the mellow chocolate cake. The more you taste their specials, the harder it gets to choose a favorite, so fair warning: you might just have to try everything on the menu. Enjoy.

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