Bartartine Bake & Brew!

Bartartine Bake & Brew!

For all the times you missed breakfast, for all the times you were craving dessert, for all the times you needed a quick boost, for all the times you didn’t find the right bite, now you can grab & enjoy at Bartartine Bake & Brew! 🎉 Find our new concept in ABC Dbayeh Level 3!

Bartartine Bake & Brew brings a new Bartartine experience, that grants a smooth and easy customer journey.

This concept brings you a faster, cheaper and more casual experience!

Our new branch serves READY-TO-EAT GOODIES: tartines, salads, and starters, along with savory and sweet items to grab from the fridge and enjoy instantly! And of course, you can find your favorite bread types, desserts, and viennoiseries. 

Bartartine Bake & Brew also serves an extended coffee menu packed with flavors!

Everything you find in Bartartine Bake & Brew is freshly prepared daily.

Try our new concept in ABC Dbayeh Level 3, and let us know your feedback!

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