BarTartine Adds New Delicious Creations To Its Menu!

BarTartine Adds New Delicious Creations To Its Menu!

I was invited last week to a private tasting session to discover the new mouth-watering creations that BarTartine is adding to their menu.

The menu is much more richer now, new  salads with kale and quinoa, different pizzas, sandwiches and dessert of course… Let me show you how tasty they are…

We were welcomed with exotic fruity Proscesco based cocktails


until the new family of salads was here,  Kale & Quinoa CelebrationCouscous Freshnessand Farmhouse.


My favorite is the Kale & Quinoa Celebration, t is a mixture of kale leaves, quinoa and marinated grilled chicken topped with roasted almonds, dried cranberries and cereals, and served with vinegar dressing. It’s a Must try during your next visit!

And as a started also, we had the Kale Avocado Rolls and they are really tempting! They are made of rice paper rolls stuffed with kale, rocket leaves, avocado, carrots, cucumber, bell pepper, herbs and rice noodle, and served with soy rice vinegar sauce.

Kale and Avocado Rolls

And then we tasted the new sandwiches on the menu the Chicken Provolone sandwich and the Veggie Symphony

I’m not much of a fan of veggie sandwiches, but this one is not bad at all, the beetroot gives it a distinguished taste!

Then we had three different kinds of pizza, the Chicken Picante, the Spicy Alfresco and the Goat Cheese Feast.

And then we got to try the Mushroom Beef Tagliata as a main platter



And we needed to keep some space for the dessert, which is my favorite part! They introduced three new items the Tarte Tropezienne, the Hazelnut Succes and the Caprice Aux Poires.

My favorite is the Tarte Tropezienne. It is a combination of two velvety creams: the crème pârissière and the crème au beurre, in a brioche cake coated with sugar grains, juicy and fresh!


BarTartine had an innovative menu since the beginning, and now with the new delicious items they’re making our meals even more  enjoyable. Make sure to taste the new items, you’ll fall in love over again!

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