Bartartine one of our favorite restaurants in Lebanon

Bartartine one of our favorite restaurants in Lebanon

It’s very hard to keep up with restaurants in Lebanon because of the boom in the recent year. Restaurants are not any more concentrated in the cities but they are opening everywhere but that doesn’t stop us from always going to our favorite restaurants and one of those is Bar Tartine. An International restaurant that excels in every single item they serve and our favorite is in Dbayeh.

•The Kale and Avocado Rolls are something that we never skip whenever we visit Bar Tartine. If you still didn’t try them then you are really missing out! They are extraordinary with their blend of extremely fresh kale, avocado, carrots, cucumber, bell peppers, rice noodles and rocket leaves wrapped in a rice paper roll. They are served with a soy rice vinegar sauce. They are so refreshing, tasty, low on calories plus full of vitamins.

• We regret not trying the Lean & Mean Burger before since it was very delicious. The burger consisted of a succulent slice of Angus beef patty in Bar Tartine’s homemade fluffy bun with creamy Camembert cheese spread and caramelized onions. It tasted like heaven as it was extremely juicy and the sauce was phenomenal. We loved the mixture of the textures and flavors.

•  The Spicy Alfresco pizza was not up to our expectations this time as it lacked a bit of cheese and sauce.

The best tartes in Lebanon are found at Bar Tartine with their exceptional crust and delicious fillings. They are also a classic item on our order list.
Our favorites are the Mango and the Choco Banane.

•Fortunately they recently augmented the quantity of the mango slices on the Mango Tart and its presentation is now very beautiful. We adore their pastry cream that is not too sweet and their mango quality that is always supreme.

•The Choco Banane Tarte filling is illegally yummy with its creamy texture and tasty flavor. We love the banana slices in it and the special cover layer that envelopes the unique filling.

Bar Tartine is one of the restaurants that still keeps its standards and moreover keep aiming for more. We always like to visit them back and forth after a round of new restaurants that we try because we are sure that we will leave with a big smile and sadly a bigger belly. We never leave without taking more tarts from their bakery that will make us look forward for the next morning.

Average price: 22$ per person.
Rating: 8.5/10

Location: Main Street Dbayeh next to the Village, Lebanon


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