Where to have a Delicious Breakfast in Beirut.

Where to have a Delicious Breakfast in Beirut.

We all wish we can have a daily breakfast like those served in hotels but unfortunately we don’t live in a hotel.
 As a substitute, bar tartine offers daily breakfast special that will boost your day. We always go for the 22000L.L. breakfast combo that includes the yummy omelette prepared  with crème fraiche and served with salad, the delicious croissant which you can choose between chocolate, zaatar, cheese or plain.
Not to forget the butter and jam (strawberry and apricote) served with crispy tasty bread. You also get to have 1 hot drink (we go for the café latte) and 1 fresh orange juice.

Pamper yourself in Bar tartine branches in Mar Mkhael, Abc Ashrafieh or Dbayeh.

Source: http://popcorn961.blogspot.com/2015/08/where-to-have-delicious-breakfast-in.html

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