Crafting Festive Flavors for a Memorable Christmas!

Crafting Festive Flavors for a Memorable Christmas!

To festive gatherings and freshly baked feasts 🎄

Enjoy the beautiful taste of Christmas with our delicious festive season offerings.

1. Trio De Bûches

Introducing our very own Trio de Bûches, with your favorite Christmas flavors of chestnut, hazelnut and chocolate.


2. Bûche De Noël

An authentic taste with a modern twist! Celebrating Christmas traditions together.

3. Mont Blanc Tart

Fill your table with festive wonders!

Rediscover the traditional Mont Blanc dessert á la Bartartine! A chocolate tart filled with chestnut purée, topped with meringue and cranberry.

4. Festive Stollen 

Filled with rum-soaked dried fruits, toasted almonds and a homemade almond paste, our festive stollen is the most awaited Christmas treat of the year.


5.  Éclair Aux Marrons

Nothing screams Christmas more than Chestnuts! Introducing our new eclair, filled and topped with creme de marrons.



6. Galette Des Rois

Freshly baked for kings & queens!

Our artisanal Galette Des Rois will make the perfect dessert treat to celebrate Epiphany.

Available from January 3 to 7



For more details, kindly press here.


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